A photograph of Barnaby Keene (Southclaws) standing before a mountain.

Barnaby Keene


As a passionate and enthusiastic lover of all things electronic, mechanical and hackable; I have always shown deep interest in the way things work. I’m a software developer focusing on cloud tech, developer tools and the web.


Senior Software Engineer at Ytterate (Remote, 2019-2020)
Skills: TypeScript, React.js, Redux, Traefik, Docker
  • I joined to help speed up development of a client's React project that was very visualisation-heavy using AirBnB's visx library.
  • This evolved to platform infra (Docker, Traefik) to support future clients.
Go Engineer at Utility Warehouse (London, 2018-2019)
Skills: Golang, CockroachDB, Kubernetes, Graylog, Kafka, NATS, Docker
  • I helped migrate legacy services to a new CQRS event sourcing system using microservices and CockroachDB running on Kubernetes.
  • Later, I moved to support a new team building an internal call centre tool.
Software Engineer at Spotlight Data (Nottingham, 2016-2017)
Skills: Golang, Docker, Kubernetes, Python, spaCy, Pachyderm
  • Started as a Python programmer to build data extraction tools
  • Moved to building critical infrastructure in 2017 and learnt Golang to build a large data analysis pipeline to concurrently analyse millions of documents.


Worked on a multiplayer game during college that gained 20k unique users. Built a package management tool. Built game server indexing services. Maintain an open source tool for managing automated infrastructure. Designed various album covers, tour posters, small business logos.

My free time is usually filled with photography, videography, travelling and music.


Computer Science BSc at Nottingham Trent (2014-2018)